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Helping you to unscramble life

UnscrambledHeads offers the following services which are focused on executive & professional coaching, life coaching, mentoring, hypnotherapy and counselling.

All sessions for the foreseeable future will be via online video conference. 



I provide an initial 45-minute consultation.  It is totally free.  There is no "hard-sell", and there is no obligation to engage my services after the session. The purpose of the session is for you to ask me whatever you want, and for me to assure myself that I can work with you.

While getting to know more about each other and developing an initial rapport, we will also discuss:

  • what you want to achieve and whether you are ready to make the change,

  • whether a single session or a package of sessions is most appropriate for you, 

  • how much the full sessions are, and, whether we both want to work together.

In the current pandemic environment, the free consultation will be via video conferencing such as Zoom/Skype/Facetime, as examples. In the future, these may revert to face-to-face meetings if we are local to each other.



I offer either a single “breakthrough” session, or a sequence of multiple sessions delivered as a package. 

When booked in advance, the multi-session packages attract additional discounts.

As a multi-disciplined  practitioner with practical experience and qualifications in executive coaching, professional coaching, life coaching, student mentoring, business skills, hypnotherapy, Neural Linguistics (NLP master practitioner) and counselling, each session will be tailored to you. 

Examples of the types of sessions that I run include:

  • Understanding & prioritising your values

  • Building skills for future career growth.

  • Goal setting for your life and work, including setting stretch goals

  • Managing change in your life

  • Helping you understand what drives and motivates you, and linking them to your current & future actions

  • Getting your life into balance

  • Overcoming your “Limiting Beliefs”

  • Working through anxiety & stress

  • Hypnotherapy to unlock the power of your subconscious mind and to let go of your stress/trauma.

Your session will be confidential.  At the end of each session we will agree an action plan, and I will be your "accountability buddy" on your journey.

Online Workshop


  • Workplace Burnout

    • A sequence of 1 to 3 x 90 minute workshops to groups, or delivered 1-2-1.

  • Presentation and Advanced Communications skills

    • A sequence of 1 to 3 x 90 minute workshops to groups, or delivered 1-2-1.

  • Mental Resilience in the Workplace

    • Delivered as a 1-hour, 2-hour or 1/2 days session to groups.

  • Demystifying Hypnotherapy

    • A 90-minute session that introduces hypnotherapy to groups.

  • Workshop Facilitator

    • I provide "Facilitator" services for my clients.  Get in touch for more details.

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