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Executive, professional and client recommendations

Testimonials: Testimonials

Stuart has been my executive coach for many years, and he has been, and remains, brilliant at corporate level coaching.

He started as my professional career coach when I joined a large, multinational IT company 20 years ago in the UK. I have since progressed to an executive position in a different organisation, based in the USA, where I now live.

His enthusiasm is infectious, and he helped me take a number of “leaps of faith” at various stages in my career in that 20-year period.   Stuart still provides superb coaching insight for me - we speak 2 or 3 times a year. He has great career development insight, is a trusted, confidential sounding board for me, and is one of my greatest supporters and cheerleaders – I think he gets as much joy from my career success as if it were his own. Simply put, he is an outstanding executive and personal development coach.

Corporate Executive, UK/USA, via Webex Video Conferencing

I met Stuart through the Academy of Applied Psychology and I contacted him for a session to determine my core values. All I can say after the session is WOW. Stuart is extremely calm, inquisitive and gentle but also not afraid of asking the hard questions. He guided me through the session to a point I didn't think I'd be able to reach. He checked in with me multiple times after the session which gave me a great sense of being heard and listened to. It remains to be a great connection that I treasure. Thank you, Stuart, for being there to listen to me!

Business Owner, Sweden, via Zoom Video Conference

Stuart is an awesome executive coach. I connected with him recently through a mutual colleague, and he has provided a confidential sounding board as I considered various business and personal options. Not only that, Stuart has challenged me to expand my vision, to explore my core beliefs and to define the values that drive me.

What I have really valued has been that Stuart is not afraid to challenge my thinking, and then enabling me to explore all the options in an honest and productive environment. He has made a huge, positive difference for me.

Corporate Professional, USA, via Zoom Video Conference

I connected with Stuart during my transition from a long-standing corporate career to new-motherhood and starting my own business. I was frustrated with the lack of progress I was making in achieving my business goals and conflicted about my readiness to take some risks to move forward. The sessions with Stuart allowed me to tune into what was really holding me back and what work I needed to do to become ready. 

Having successfully transitioned from the corporate world himself, I felt that Stuart understood the challenges I was facing. He was able to relay some of his own experience when I needed it, while also providing me with a safe space to explore my unique situation and the factors (both internal and external) that I was allowing to hold me back. Sometimes Stuart gave me the support & space I needed, and other times he asked searching questions that made me really stop and think

What I appreciated most about the coaching sessions was the way Stuart opened my eyes to further work I need to do in my own development, while simultaneously encouraging me to take the risks and actions I am ready to take to make my business a reality

Corporate Professional, Hong Kong

Stuart was my Mentor, with whom I worked for over a year in preparation for a major Promotion for me.

I can honestly say this has been the time in my Professional Career where I 'felt' my professional growth, empowered by Stuart's guidance and his focus on helping me succeed!

His dedication and his positive energy in our conversations helped me overcome some key challenges in my professional development.

Stuart also worked with me on my mental preparation which helped me to approach confidently the tasks on my Promotions' journey.

Corporate Professional, UK

Stuart is an artist at hypnotherapy, hands down extremely client focused, he makes you feel comfortable right from the start and takes you on a journey that is truly powerful, mind opening and life changing! Incredible transformation for me!

I would recommend anybody who is looking for a change within, don't miss your opportunity to get a session with Stuart. 

Your number 1 fan in Malaysia.

Client, Malaysia, via Zoom

I can't recommend Stuart enough.  I hadn't expected my hypnotherapy session with him to be so powerful or of as much benefit as it was.

Stuart's calm nature and guidance helped me to relax into hypnosis very quickly and what happened during the session and as a result of the session still leaves me marvelling.

Thank you Stuart, the shift I experienced has helped me to move forward in an area of my life where I felt stuck and I'm very grateful for that.  Keep doing what you do well!

Client, UK, Via Zoom Video Conference

I was fortunate to be allocated Stuart as a personal mentor whilst studying at University. Navigating through university life and deciding what career path to take post-university is daunting, but Stuart has always been positive, empowering and has given me great insight into the technology consulting sector, which I now want to pursue as a career after my Masters. He genuinely cares about my progression from giving advice on what makes applications stand out, to helping me better understand my goals. And of course, the importance of continuious life long learning by improving in areas you want to upskill.

Student, Russell Group University, UK

Stuart is an amazing coach who helped me discover my inner power. He created a safe space where I was able to bypass my limiting beliefs and was able to access my subconscious mind. He has helped me to locate my power within my body, name it, describe it and have a visceral experience of it.   

Working with Stuart is a life transformative and highly empowering experience. The results are: END of self-doubt, clarity of purpose and strong drive to create and execute a BIG VISION

I highly recommend Stuart to all who need clarity and motivation in life.  He will save you years of trial and error and accelerate your growth into the maximum potential of your being. 

Client, Canada, via Zoom Video Conference

Stuart kindly accepted to take me on as a client. We had a preparatory session in which he asked me some questions on what I wanted to achieve with the session, my motives behind it and any past experiences related to that. He took the time to explain why he asked me those questions, which, for me, was proof of his professionalism and care.

During the hypnotherapy session, I was amazed by his thorough and gentle approach. He took all the time necessary to explain every step of the process. His presence and gentle, but firm voice led me surprisingly easily into hypnosis. 

The session was extremely powerful and Stuart guided me masterfully! 

The result was that I could quit smoking after 27 years. Of course, it did take some effort from me, but my reprogrammed subconscious was finally working with me rather than against me in the process, so the craving was much less bothering and I was able to overcome it with ease.

I cannot thank Stuart enough for his invaluable help and definitely recommend his services to anyone who is committed to change and seeks skilful help to reprogram their subconscious!

Client, France, Via Zoom Video Conference

I had tried group hypnosis a couple of times.  First in my 30's with 2 psychologists.  Then on a cruise ship and a workshop.  I was not able to enter any trance or trance like state.  Before I had the session with Stuart, I told myself that this time I would have no resistance and I would totally surrender. 

With Stuart's soft and gentle voice, and my own determination, I found myself entering a fairly relaxed state.  As I recall, I was still able to hear the outside noise, but Stuart's voice gave me some guidance to the happy memory and the happy place.  I would say I truly enjoy the feeling of being happy, being joyful, and more importantly being totally myself.  I came out easily and the happy feelings lingered for the whole day.  Throughout the experience, I felt safe and relaxed.  Indeed, an enjoyable session.

I highly recommend anyone who wants to try hypnotherapy as part of his/her healing journey.

Workshop Client, via Zoom Video Conference

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